Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 2013 Tour Blog - Day 7

Well last night was amazing.

If you are keeping up with these blogs, you already know that the show in St. Louis could have had more people but we rocked it regardless.

Huge thanks to Tori and Trista for a place to crash and an awesome night of drinking games and music.

I find out this morning that we must have kept Tori up a little late because he was over an hour late to work. Sorry about that bro.

Well...we shove ourselves into the van again and press on. Today we drive from St. Louis to Chicago. A long drive but we have all done worse. Before we even get out of the St.Louis area we receive a call from the band that we are suppose to play with tonight in Chicago at the Stage Bar. They are informing us that they will not be able to play the show tonight. Great!

Now we are left to fill the whole night ourselves. Fuck it. We will do what we have to.

Nalani and Nik both decide that they can play their solo sets, so we'll be fine.

After a could pit stops we arrive in old Chi town.

Our first destination is an internet radio station called Fearless Radio. The lady running the station Kris couldn't have been a nicer women. She interviewed us and played two songs off of The Great Expanse. Then Nik and Nalani did a live acoustic version of We Lie. Both of them sounded amazing. You can listen to the whole show HERE.

After the interview we travel north on Michigan Ave. to Millennium Park. Check out the bean and stop at a comic book shop for Nik. A quick beverage from Starbucks and then we are off to the venue.

A record fast load in and set up and we are ready to go. When we had pulled up to the bar I notice a man standing outside with a gig bag on his back. As I get out of the van he ask's if we are a band? We tell him yes and that we are playing here tonight. He goes on to tell us that a friend of his asked him if he would be interested in playing an acoustic set since a band dropped off the bill. We are stoked and greet him with open arms.

There is no body here but oh well. We get to play.

After our new friend, Jason, plays a quick acoustic set, Nalani plays a set of here own music accompanied by Jason on drums for a few songs. Then we all take the stage. The few people that got the chance to hear us, seemed like they liked it. We made good friends with the head manager of the bar, whom was impressed by our show and he is excited to have us back again sometime on a weekend when he will have a good crowd.

We made a good connection and that's all that matters.

We load the van and drive across town to the house we will be staying. My friend Ken and his wife Anka are happy to put us up for the night. We talk music for a while and then hit the hay.

Chicago can be a tough city to play in, but I think next time is gonna be better.

Springfield bound and down. --Cole


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